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Excerpted from the copyrighted works of Dr. AB Howard

THE GREEN DRINK                            


Green Drink is a liquid you make yourself with a blender. It is essentially a "live food".  By using a blender with the vegetable material "chewed" several thousand times a minute by the lender.  Chewing a green salad with the teeth (eve if each bit is chewed with good teeth 32 times) liberates only approximately 2% of the available nutritional leaf fluids or chlorophyll.  This is because the intracellular fluids are continued in microscopic cellulose cells which are essentially wood.

Because the human body has no mechanism to digest cellulose, in order to digest the cellular contents of a leaf, the teeth must mechanically separate the cellulose structures.  A good blender can deliver as much as 80% of the leaf's cellular fluids.  This makes your salad greens approximately 40 times more effective.  So instead of having to eat 40 salads a day, one is enough.

Chlorophyll is "plant blood" and is similar to the hemoglobin in our blood.  The complex molecules of chlorophyll and hemoglobin are much alike except that the vegetable material has a speck of magnesium in the center and the hemoglobin has a speck of magnesium in the center and the hemoglobin has a speck of iron in it - which makes one green and the other red.


Green Drink nourishes the blood stream and is the next best thing to having a blood transfusion without the worry of infection or contamination.  Green Drink is an oxygenate, a poison antidote, dissolves acid crystals and a gentle flush to rid the body of poisons (both internal and environmental).

It is a source of natural vegetable Vitamin A which, unlike synthetic source, can be taken without fear of toxic build up.  No one has ever died from an "overdose" of green lettuce.  This is of considerable value for correction of skin and eye problems as well as sweeping all internal skin surfaces clean.  A rich source of folic acid (aviation B)  ensures proper cell division.  The natural high quality potassium  content has a considerable affect on muscular strength and stabilization of blood sugar levels.  We have a beautiful source of vegetable iron as well.  Dr. Bernard Jennies,  Excerpted from the copyrighted works of Dr. A. B. Howard. a noted US nutritional consultant, says that "Iron and oxygen are the two frisky horses in the body".  Iron grabs onto oxygen in the lungs and carries it to all the tissues.  These properties all add up to increased energy and a properly functioning system. 


Commercially  prepared chlorophyll liquids are not "live". They are preserved and do not have the biological activity of the freshly prepared live drink.


It is best made fresh every 24 hours.


No, it should be consumed without adding any other juices or flavoring to it.


In a blender, blend 1 handful (approximately 1/2 of  large head of green or red leafy lettuce, romaine, etc. ) with 3 cups of distilled water.  Blend until liquefied which which will be approximately 2 to 3 minutes (if you don't want it crunchy).  If you don't want the fiber content, filter it through a stainless steel mesh kitchen strainer or you can use a paper coffee filter or a piece of cheese cloth. The strainer is the easiest. 

Any lettuce can be used EXCEPT Ice Berg head lettuce, as it is a poor so8rce of chlorophyll.  Use green or red leafy lettuce, romaine, bib lettuce, birch tree leaves, alfalfa sprouts or other sprouts that have been allowed to grow a little longer and develop more chlorophyll.   If a  strong, diuretic Green Drink is desired then it can be made with fresh parsley.  If a  mild diuretic is preferred then 1 or 2 sprigs of parsley can be added.

Generally two cups (1 pit or 1/2 liter) per day for cleaning, nourishing, increase energy and a sense of  "well being " is recommended.  Excerpted from the copyrighted works of Dr. AB Howard.

  1. For overall building of health - The "Intensive Use" of Green Drink can used to build and  maintain robust health.  See point (D.)   It is especially helpful where there are physically or mentally demanding conditions.

  1. For flushing body fluids clean - The "Intensive Use" of Green Drink can be used for flushing all of the water based body fluids clean within a two week period.  After two week's time, if more flushing is desired, repeat the "intensive user

  1. In desperate cases where rapid progress is required and rapid turn-around time is of the essence - the "Intensive Use" of Green Drink is of the utmost importance.

  1. For the "Intensive Use" of Green Drink, prepare enough the evening before and refrigerate, so that one cupful can be taken every hour on the hour while awake until well.  (If leaving the house, an insulated bottle or thermos type bottle should be used.)

Using the recommended one cup full, every hour while awake for two weeks, every drop of fluid in the average adult body (calculated at 150 pounds or 68 kilograms) will have been exchanged one time for the Green Drink.  Done continuously until well, the person's blood stream becomes very clean and everything it touches becomes very clean and functions better, thus a wide variety of benefits and conditions are known to respond favorably.  The renowned US naturopathic doctor, Dr. Bernard Jennies, states from extensive clinical practice, "When you are 'green' inside, you are clean inside".

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